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Tuesday 25th January 2022

Good morning,

I hope you are feeling ok. Today there is lots for you to do if you are feeling well.

In English we are learning to retell a narrative poem using adjectives to describe the teddies, the wood and the way the characters are feeling.  Read the narrative poem and see if you can find any adjectives. Put the story into a plan and then retell it in your own words.

In Maths we are learning to subtract by counting back. Watch the white Rose video clip and then complete the activity sheet.

In RE we are learning to understand why Muhammad is important to Muslims and how they show him respect.

The powerpoint presentation will guide you through this lesson. It is a recap on the story of Muhammed from last week, a clip of a story Muhammed told and a clip of Yusuf Isalm talking about Muhammed.

Use the ‘Story of Muhammad’ PowerPoint to recap and extend the children’s’ knowledge about who Muhammad was and why he is so important to Muslims.

Click on the link and Listen to a story about the Prophet Muhammad. What might Muslims learn from it?  How was Muhammad a good messenger?

Discuss why Muhammad is important to Muslims, and how they show respect for the Prophet. Why do Muslims say ‘peace be upon him’ (pbuh) when they mention Muhammad?

What does it mean to show ‘respect’ to someone or something? What or who do you respect, and how do you show respect?  Share experiences. Children to record ideas. (listen, believe/trust, be polite, say good things)

Listen to Yusuf Islam talking and singing about Muhammad the Messenger of Allah. Look at the words and think about what they mean. Record your thoughts on this.

PSHE-Today we are learning to reflect on what it is like to live in our country

This week we are continuing with our PSHE and citizenship unit called Diverse Britain. Today we will reflect on what it is like to live in England and be part of the British Isles. Where is Britain? What are the houses, people and surrounding areas like? What things can we do and see?

Work through the powerpoint together, stopping to discuss where indicated. Then complete the activity sheet about living in Britain.

Don't forget to practise your reading, your spellings and your phonics.

Have a great day.

Mrs Lloyd