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Wednesday 13-01-21

Hi Swans,


I'm looking forward to seeing you all today in our zoom session to have a chat and find out how you all are. Ask your adults to check their emails to get the details. Remember to keep yourself muted and put your hand up when you want to ask a question. Please don't use the text chat tool unless you are asking me a question or responding to one.

Please could you have a piece of your favourite work so far to share.  I would love to see a selection of these. 


Mrs Scotton




Today we are practising our inference skills. 

Do you remember our reading character, Inference Iggy?

He helps us to make inferences from the text/ explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text. 


This means that he is there to help you to pick up ideas from the text that are not always written in the text itself.


He helps you to do this by getting you to read the text as if you are a detective. You’re not looking for what is there – you’re looking for what is meant by it.


Today you are going to read the text 'Suspicion' and then answer the questions. Try your best to give reasons and explain your answers. This is a hard skill but a good one to practise. Select the level of worksheet right for you.



In RE today we would like you to learn more about Mosques and how they are more than just places for worship. Go through the slides and watch the video. Discuss the questions at the end of the slide with a member of your family. 



Create your own Geometric Islamic repeating pattern using this step by step guide.