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Wednesday 27.01.21

English - reading


WOW: to begin to use dictionary skills.


Today we are beginning to learn how to use a dictionary.

If you do not have a dictionary at home then you can use an online dictionary for children such as: 


First, begin by going to the link below to watch the videos. Next complete activities 1,2 and 3 in your Home Learning books.







Zoom session. An email will have been sent out for our zoom session today. We will be practising some of the action words that you have learnt on Monday. See you at 11am. 



WOW: To explain what skills are needed for a range of jobs and why people go to work.


Go through the PowerPoint with your teachers at home and discuss some of the questions asked in it. Now have a go a creating a job advert using what you have learnt. 





WOW: What is Salat?


Go through the slides on the powerpoint and watch the video to find out the answer to the question - 'What is Salat?'