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Wednesday 20-01-21

English - reading comprehension


WOW: to make simple inferences.


This week in our reading lesson we are going to be practising our inference skills again. Use our reading character, Inference Iggy to help you!


REMEMBER: He helps us to make inferences from the text/ explain and justify inferences with evidence from the text. This means that he is there to help you to pick up ideas from the text that are not always written in the text itself. He helps you to do this by getting you to read the text as if you are a detective. You’re not looking for what is there – you’re looking for what is meant by it.


Today you are going to read the text 'Genevieve's discovery' and then answer the questions. Try your best to give reasons and explain your answers. 


This is a skill that needs lots of practise and discussion... so pick 2 or 3 inference warm up cards from below and practise these first with an adult. This will help you get your brain into INFERENCE MODE :)

English - spellings


You have your spelling quiz on Friday. This quiz will be on the Year 3 statutory spellings.


Please practise your spellings so you know them inside out, back to front ready for your quiz.


Spelling practise methods:


  • Rainbow writing
  • Pyramid writing 
  • Writing the spellings in a sentence



WOW: to practise the box/grid method to solve multiplication problems (2 digit by 1 digit).


Last week, in maths, on Thursday you started looking at the box / grid method to solve multiplication problems.


Use your maths time today to practise this skill again. Choose a sheet depending on how confident you feel. We have attached last weeks presentation to remind you of the process. Tomorrow we will be moving onto a different method... expanded multiplication! 


Have a go at the problem solving if you get time and want a challenge. 



WOW: to know about the Qur’an.


Work through the power point and watch the video - use the link below: