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Week Beginning 29-03-21

Monday 29.03.21




WALT: measure the perimeter of a shape.


Today we are learning about what perimeter is and using our measuring skills to find the perimeter of certain objects of shapes.  Go through the perimeter powerpoint to find out how we find the perimeter and using a ruler and pencil complete the sheet provided.

Challenge: Why don't you find the perimeter of your garden or your bedroom?



Comprehension - 60 second read. Use the short text to read and then answer questions based on the text.



This week we are celebrating the Birthday of Vincent van Gogh by creating an impression of some of his famous art pieces.

In Swans class we will be creating our own version of his 'sunflowers' picture but using clay.

Watch the powerpoint below to learn about Vincent van Gogh's art.

Using clay, plasticine or salt dough (see link for how to make salt dough) mould and create your own sunflower head. If using salt dough or clay you should be able to paint this in a couple of days. You can see some examples below.

Physical Activity


Complete one or both of the challenges below




WALT: calculate perimeter


Today we are looking at ways we can calculate the perimeter of shapes using repeated addition or multiplication. Go through the learning slides to see how we can do this then complete the activity sheet.




60 second read - Comprehension



WALT: to investigate how friction affects a car rolling down a ramp.


Go through the PowerPoint slides to understand more about friction.

Create your own experiment to test out different surfaces and how they affect a car tolling down a ramp.


Watch the video for ideas on how you can do this at home. 




WALT: create an impressionists painting of sunflowers in the style of van Gogh using 2Paint.


Log onto purple mash and go to:


-2paint a picture

- Impressionism


Using the app create your own version of van Gogh's sunflowers as below.





End of unit block assessment - Measure.


Independently complete the assessment below and email in the score to the swans email address:




60 second read - comprehension



WALT: Edit and present our concrete poems about bubbles.


Read and edit your bubble poem checking for spelling mistakes and using a thesaurus to find alternative adjectives or adverbs to use.  

Present it in the shape of a bubble to cut out and hang in class and in your room.





Create your own Easter card.


Go to the school website and watch this week's worship.


Create your own Easter card which includes a message about Easter. 



Today is the last day of term - enjoy these fun Easter activities :)