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Weekly Learning Overview - 11.01.21

Hi Doves,


Welcome to this week's home learning. We hope you tried hard and managed to adjust to this new way of learning last week. It was a big change for everybody. This week we thought you might like to learn about a new topic, after learning about cold and icy places, we thought we might take a trip to the jungle!

We wonder what it would be like there and what animals we might meet? Below you will find this week's home learning overview and lots of resources to help and support you. Don't forget if you need anything or have any questions please email the teachers on We are here to help.

This week we will be introducing some more new things. On the weekly overview you will see a little rainbow and a label saying 'Wonderful Weekly Work'. Each week you will be set one piece of 'Wonderful Weekly Work'. This is special because we would like you to complete the task and then send us a picture of the work, or you doing the work, to 'evidence me' so that the teachers can look at the work, send you some feedback and add it to your profiles (For further information on how to send in work to 'evidence me' you will find a help sheet below). Please ask your parents to send us a little message alongside it, which will tell us how you got on so that we can tag it to the relevant objectives. This needs to be done by Wednesday at 3pm, feedback will be given by Friday each week.

We would love to hear about any other work that you complete at home. You can send any observations, pictures and short video clips to 'evidence me' and we will add these to your learning profiles. If you want to share any of your learning and achievements with everybody, you can email it to us at and we will upload it to the 'Sharing our Learning' section of our class page. We can not move pictures from 'evidence me' to the website, apologies, they will have to resent via email. During last years lockdown we had a very full page and some amazing learning, we know you will be just as brilliant!

One more thing, don't forget to join in with our daily Virtual School Worship (see the link below)!

Keep smiling and keep up the good work!


From All of the Doves Staff smiley

To launch this week's learning please click on the link below for 'The Mystery Suitcase' and watch the video!

If you would like to listen to a story read by one of your teachers, please click the link below