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Wonderful Weekly Work

Wonderful Weekly Work

WB: Monday 1st March 2021


Today we are learning to use the correct vocabulary when comparing lengths

From now until the end of term we are moving onto to the unit of work all about measurement, starting with length and height. Physically comparing objects side by side and using the correct vocabulary is a very important first phase. For this week's  wonderful weekly work I would like the children to send me pictures/videos of the comparisons they make in their maths work. Watch the video clip ‘comparing length activity. Half way through the children will need to compare objects to a spoon. There is a grid for them to use and the  children will need to use the terms long, longer, longest, short, shorter, and shortest in their comparisons.  Please send  the completed work via the puffins email by Wednesday 3rd March at 3.15 pm please.

Thank you




Wonderful Weekly Work

WB: Monday 22nd February 2021

English -For our 'WWW' we are learning to use our environment to aid our descriptive writing

For our wonderful weekly work I would like the children to create some adjectives from their environment. Show the children the Spike the hedgehog video. Explain that they are going to create some prickles for Spike the Hedgehog. Search outside for something the Spike could use to replace the prickles that have fallen out. Then using the salt dough (1 salt + 1 flour + 1/2 warm water) make a Spike and then add your new prickles. Take a picture and using adjectives describe Spike.

Please send this to me by Thursday 25th February.

Thank you







Wonderful Weekly Work

WB: Monday 8th February 2021

English -For our 'WWW' we are learning to write our thoughts and feelings of our first half term,in correctly punctuated sentences.

For our wonderful weekly work I would like the children to reflect on the first half term of 2021. Whether they are at home completing the learning or in school or thinking about weekend activities I would like them to reflect about the things they have enjoyed/ not enjoyed. What have they missed, what has changed? This work can be completed in their yellow book and illustrations can be added at the end if they want to. I would like the children to complete this activity as independently as possible as I would like to use it as an assessment piece of writing. Mr Marker can be used as a reminder of all the things they need to think about when writing.

Please send a copy via Puffins email by 3.15pm on Wednesday. I have allocated the English session on Wednesday morning for you to complete this activity but if you would like to complete it before then that's fine..

Thank you





Wonderful Weekly Work

WB: Monday 1st February 2021

PSHE -For our 'WWW' we are learning to express ourselves.

This week is Children's Mental Health Week and the theme is Express Yourself. Mrs. Lamond's Monday assembly will explain this further.

As a school we are planning some activities for the children to engage with  based on this theme.  It may be a listening activity, or an art activity, or it may even be thinking about your feelings in the house compared to outside on a walk. One of these activities will be posted each day in the daily information section of the website.

On Friday we will 'Dress to Express'. If you are in school or at home, we are inviting you to express yourself through your clothes, hair etc.
You could wear your favourite colour or choose a range of colours that express how you’re feeling. Colour can be very personal and mean different things to different people, so this is a great opportunity to encourage self-expression and celebrate a diverse range of emotions. Discuss with your parents your reasons for what you have chosen to wear and why. Think about how you can use colour to help make sense of how you’re feeling, who you are and the world we live in. Write down your thoughts and feelings and take a photo of yourselves.
This will be the wonderful weekly work for this week. Please send a picture of you expressing yourself and a copy of your writing to me on  Friday 5th February, by 3.15pm using the Puffins email . Have fun!




Wonderful Weekly Work

WB: Monday 25th January 2021

Art -For our 'WWW' we are learning to produce a self portrait with a background and foreground.

Over the last couple of weeks the children have been practising the different art techniques. Can you remember what they were?

line   pattern  shape   space   texture


This week I would like them to apply their techniques when they create a self portrait. The portrait must have a background and something in the foreground so that they can demonstrate their use of space. The picture can then be carefully coloured using crayons. Crayons will help the children work on the techniques of line, texture and space. Jill Murphy use Crayons to great effect in her illustrations. See below and in Tuesday's topic pencil.

Please send me a copy of the completed portraits so that I can create our own art gallery and the children can try guessing which picture belongs to which friend. If you could then send a picture of your child holding their portraits, I can create an answers gallery to see if we were correct.

Please send them to me via the puffins email before 3.15pm on Wednesday.

Thank you and have fun.






Wonderful Weekly Work

WB: Monday 18th January 2021

English -For our 'WWW' we are learning to produce our own non-fiction text.

I would like the children to produce a non-fiction text about St. Mary and St. Chad First school.

Last week they produced a contents page. They can use this as a starting point when trying to think about sub-headings and things to write about. If they need to research the school and the surrounding area further then please use kiddle the safe search engine for children. In the finished piece of work I would like to see:


*Beautifully written and punctuated non-fiction sentences

*Illustrations, including a labelled diagram

*A simple index

*A title page

As this is our weekly work and there is a lot to complete, it will form the English lessons for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  You may want to approach this an area at a time eg, Sub-headings and writing, labelled diagram, title page and index or start with title page and work through to index.

You can do it in the yellow books, or you may want to create a book with it own pages so that all the information is in one place.

Have fun and I look forward to seeing all your non-fiction pieces of work,  by Wednesday 3.15pm please!!





Wonderful Weekly Work:

WB- 11th January 2021

ICT-Today we are learning to use word to create correctly punctuated sentences.

Last week we explored the  Microsoft ‘Word’ programme. We looked at how to create text, capital letters, spaces, new lines and then as an extension how to change the font style, colour and size of the text.

Today log onto word and produce at least three, correctly punctuated sentences about how a bike works. You may copy the sentences you produced for your English work this morning or you can write some new ones. Think about how you use the keyboard to create capital letters, spaces and full stops. This is the focus of today’s lesson. If you would like to try changing the colour, size and font of your work then you can. This is not essential.

Use the prompt sheet in the topic pencil if you need to.

As this is ‘Wonderful Weekly Work’ please remember to send the completed activity, via email, to Mrs Lloyd by Wednesday.