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Wonderful Weekly Work Email by 13.1.21

SCIENCE – To understand hygiene and why you should keep yourself clean.


This weeks Wonderful Weekly Work is quite apt during these challenging times.

You are going to learn why it is really important to keep clean and have good hygiene and have until Wednesday to complete the tasks.


What is hygiene?

It is where we keep ourselves clean through various processes.


Can you think of 3 ways we keep ourselves clean?

Tell your mom or dad. Can you think of any more?


Why is it important that we are clean?

Read the Keeping Clean lesson presentation to support your learning.


Now complete the Keeping Clean Activity Sheet. At the bottom there are some sentences for you to read and fill in the gaps. Read the sentences back to make sure they make sense and you have selected the correct word.


Investigation time!!

We are going to see how easily germs can spread and investigate the best way to get rid of them.


You will need:




Paper Towel



Read the Glitter Bug Guidance sheet. When you are ready start your investigation and record your findings on the Glitter Bug record sheet.


What did you find out? I hope you enjoyed the investigation and understand how important it is to keep our hands clean.



As an optional extra, after you have finished your investigation you could be really creative and design your own hand lotion bottle. Use the Design and handwash bottle sheet provided to do this.