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Wonderful Weekly Work - Email by 7.3.21

World Book Day


Your Wonderful Weekly Work is all about books and fun this week with the sole purpose of Thursday on reading. Try to complete these activities on Thursday if you possibly can.


You will have some challenges in the morning to complete and some in the afternoon. You can choose in which order you do them.


Challenge 1 – Read a book on BugClub


Challenge 2 – Design a new front cover for your favourite book.


Challenge 3 – Make a model of one of your favourite characters. For a fun, creative and cheap activity, why not transform a potato or wooden spoon into your favourite book character? Looking for a magical way to reuse a shoebox or jam jar? Try making a Harry Potter scene in a box or A Very Hungry Caterpillar in a jar. You can use any materials you like.


Challenge 4 – Create your own


Challenge 5 – Read the instructions of a recipe of your choosing and try to make it. You could take photos of yourself being a culinary wizard!!


Challenge 6 – Write your own Mini Saga. This is a story but can’t be any more than 50 words. It’s trickier than you think!!


Have a great day using your reading skills in lots of different ways!!