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At St Mary and St Chad First School, we aim to provide a safe and learning environment for all. We expect everyone to have good manners and respect for themselves, others and property. Everyone should be able to work in an atmosphere free from all forms of discrimination.


We have 3 basic rules that children are expected to keep 


Be Ready

Be Respectful

Be Safe


Children are rewarded for good behaviour in class with positive feedback, marking and teacher’s award stickers. Special awards are presented by the Headteacher at Merit Assembly on a Friday. Positive discipline procedures, quick response measures and a commitment to fairness for all, alongside a stimulating environment for work and play, ensure a high standard of behaviour in and around school. Our systems in school are designed to meet the needs of the majority of pupils for most of the time. Where necessary, children will have different support to meet their behavioural needs. 

The system  ‘Go for Green’ is used to support the children to know what the expected behaviours are and what are the sanctions. This system rewards children for positive behaviour and has had a significant impact on the children’s behaviour and learning. Last year (2021/22) 80% of the children kept the school rules and demonstrated excellent behaviour. 


More detail can be found in our Behaviour Policy.