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Pencil case contents

In your pencil case you need:


- 2 HB pencils.

- Colouring pencil crayons.

- A pencil sharpener that catches the sharpenings.

- A good glue stick, preferably the larger size.

- A small selection of coloured felt tip pens including a black.

- A pair of child safe scissors.

Please bring back your whiteboard and a pen as we will need them!. 


Please could we ask that all items are labelled in some way.

In addition to a pencil case it will be extremely useful if you could provide a small labelled container with 20 lego bricks in. The lego pieces, ideally,  need to be the same size this time as they will be used in Maths for measuring and problem solving. You will not need a lego board!

Thank you.