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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school


Mrs S Lamond

Assistant Headteacher

Mrs V Lloyd


Teaching Staff


Reception - Doves

Mrs L Hume and

Mrs R Kendrick 


Y1 - Puffins

Mrs V Lloyd and Mrs R Kendrick

Y2 - Kingfishers

Mr M Smith

Y3 - Swans

Miss E Shaw and 

Mrs J Scotton

Y4 - Eagles

Mrs L Jackman


Mrs L Jackman


Support Staff


Teaching Assistants

Mrs Ball


Mrs Bradford


Mrs Dudley


Ms Hopkins


Mrs Norris


Ms Pringis


Mrs Twigger


Mrs Ward

Mrs Woodward



Nursery Staff






Mrs Nicholls

Mrs Biggar

Miss Morris 

Mrs Prime


Out of School staff




Mrs Lockley (Mrs A)

Mrs Pinnock

Mrs Lockley (Mrs C)



Office staff


Mrs Wright

Mrs Thomas

Mrs Wellsbury


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs Groves


Mrs Hadley-Lloyd


Mrs Pedley


Mrs Thomas


Mrs Wootton


Cleaning Staff

Mrs Pedley


Mrs Thomas


Site staff                           Mr Allgood