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Aim High Believe, Fly High Achieve


'Give the best of yourself to each and every moment, because it's your hard work and grace in the daily challenges that prepare you to be unsinkable in the big moments.' Jessica Long - US Paralympian swimmer. 

We are healthy inside and out! ‚Äč

In believe that Physical Education, physical activity and Outdoor Learning is an essential part of all children’s development in promoting health, fitness and well-being for all, both in and outside of the curriculum. Through PE, sport and Outdoor Learning our children learn to develop the important qualities of discipline, resilience, communication, teamwork and ambition leading to improved concentration, attitude and academic achievement.  We aim to provide a high-quality physical curriculum that provides active participation, competition and support excellence. 



PE has always played an important part in our school curriculum and the children receive at least 2 hours a week of taught PE as well as other opportunities to further develop and apply their skills. Every morning the children take part in a ‘Groovy Groovers’ routine designed to develop coordination and stimulate the brain ready for learning. At playtimes and lunchtime we offer a range of equipment for the children to use ranging from bats and balls to an i-pod and pom-poms for dance choreography. We currently have a number of play leaders from Year 4 who help the children to play different games together at lunchtimes. Lessons are aimed at being fun and active and focus on 3 main areas; dance, gymnastics and games. In Years 3 and 4 we are pleased to offer swimming. In these lessons children work towards different badges and are instructed by a qualified teacher at swimming pool at Wolgarston. Each year the school holds sports day and we also participate in the Lloyds TSB school sport week and ensure that the whole school takes part in sporting event. This in the past has included a world record breaking skip and a sponsored hula hooping!

There are a number of extra-curricular sports activities that the children can become involved in from dance, tennis and football to a change 4 life club which not only promotes and develops physical activity but also stresses the importance of a healthy lifestyle. The dance club annually take part in a show with all the first schools in the area. It is a very enjoyable evening. Children in key stage 1 take it in turns to take home a bag filled with different PE

equipment. Parents are encouraged to use this equipment with children over a week and record all the different activities they complete together. Any physical activity undertaken follows strict health and safety guidelines.

Risk assessments are in place for all activities and the school follows the Safe Practise in PE guidelines published by the Association for Physical Education.

Fun on our bikes!

This year, in addition to the year 3 receiving bikeability level 1 training, children  in KS1 have had a very informative and enjoyable time undertaking balance ability. They have learn how to check a bike and how to be more aware of people and things around themselves whilst riding. They have listened carefully to instructions to enable them to complete challenges and have had exercise and fun!

Well done our dancers

Just before lockdown the dance club took part in a show at Wolgarston High School.

The KS2 dancers performed an contemporary interpretation of 'Believe' by Imagine Dragons. This culminated in a fantastic lift and pose.

The KS1 dancers performed to 'Party in the USA' by Miley Cyrus. This dance incorporated props and a gym table. The girls dance on over and leaped off this with confidence, grace and flexibility.

Well done to all who took part. You represented the school beautifully.