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Visible Learning

What is Visible Learning? ​

Visible learning is “when teachers see learning through the eyes of their students and students see themselves as their own teachers.” 


What does it mean for our teachers? 

Teachers are constantly reflecting on the impact they have on learning. They evaluate and assess the effect of their practice (what they do in the classroom, how they teach etc) on how well the children are learning. They measure impact. They use these evaluations to refine and improve their practice. ​​


What does it mean for our children? ​

Gradually during their time in school children  begin to know what they can do and what their next steps in learning are. The children are encouraged to understand that some learning they will find easy and other learning will more challenging. They begin to accept that this is fine and  develop  strategies to learn effectively. 



These are our learning characters, they help us to know what a good learner is. 

We are currently focusing on know what we can do well in our writing and what our next steps are.