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All of today's activities are linked to books and reading. 

Below, there are a selection of WORLD BOOK DAY activities and a WORLD BOOK DAY activity folder with activities.

Choose no less than 3 of them to complete today.... and HAVE FUN!  Don't forget your daily reading too.

Take photos of what you do and either send them to me or glue them into your home learning book for me to see next week.

More activities....




1. Act out your favourite story and get the family involved. Maybe even write a script.


2. Use a vegetable to make a character from a story you know. Put a photo into your home learning book.


3. Write an alternative ending to your favourite story.


4. Read a story to your family pet. Take a photo for your home learning book.


5. Set up a BOOK NOOK

Give reading a special place in your home. Of course you can read anywhere, but creating a special place to read shows just how wonderful books are.

It’s very simple to set up a book nook – all you really need is a place to sit and some books – but adding in some extra special touches can make a little reading den that YOU WILL LOVE to visit.


6.Create a new character from your favourite book 

Children could draw all of the characters from a book and then think about somebody new to fit into the plot that will add another dimension to the story. Make sure the character has a name, a role and a back story. 


7. Dress up as a book character and have a photo of yourself taken. Glue the photo into your home learning book.


8.Guess Who? Game

You can play with just two players, or as many as you like. One person thinks of A BOOK CHARACTER  and all the others have to guess who they are by asking questions.



Make a puppet e.g. sock puppet of your favourite book character or characters from a story and act out a puppet show of the story.


10. Make a mask of a book character.