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Tuesday 2nd June 2020

Good morning,

What a lovely sunny day it was yesterday. I hope you managed to get outside to have a go at your rainbow experiment. Did it work. Please send me any photos if it did because I would like to show the children in school. We were not able to do that activity so we made and planted sunflowers instead.


English - Today I would like you to make lists, draw pictures and write captions of all the things that you can do keeping yourself 2 metres away from anybody. Then I would like you think about all the things that we can not do because we would need to be closer than 2 metres. Remember social distancing now will mean normality sooner. Record your lists in your books.

Maths - Look at your 100 squares. Ask somebody to cover up 10 numbers. Can you work out what they were. What did you do?

Practise counting up and down starting on different numbers.

Now choose a 100 square jigsaw to make. The first is the easiest the last is the hardest. Cut out the pieces and then see if you can put the 100 square together. Do you feel like a challenge? If so can you do it without looking at your 100 square.

Phonics - Today we are practising all the 'ee' alternatives. Read the passage and highlight all the words with the'ee' phoneme. How many different way can you find? Practise writing them carefully.

Topic - It's Tuesday so it is ICT!!! Can you create more actions for your characters. Follow the instructions and see what you can get the characters to do.


Have a good day.

Mrs Lloyd