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Phonics Tasks

This week please practise:


  • Reading and writing all Phase 2 and 3 sounds especially the digraphs and trigraphs. These could also be practised within words.
  • Reading polysyllabic words e.g. children, melting, shampoo.
  • Reading 'tricky words' - said, so, do, have, like, some, come, were, there, little, one, when, out, what. Look at each word, identify the 'tricky bit'. Read the word and say it within a sentence.
  • Please also introduce and practise reading 'tricky words'  - my, all and her.

Please also practise segmenting and writing words using 'phoneme fingers' - say the word and then segment, holding up a finger to represent each sound. Then have a go at writing the word. 

Words - think, thank, crept, slept, street, crunch, drift.

Choose a set of sentences or questions to read each day: