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WB: 19.10.20

This week we will continue our work on the traditional tale - Goldilocks and the Three Bears. In literacy we will be writing 'Sorry Letters' from Goldilocks to The Three Bears. We will also be enjoying lots of other traditional tales. We will think about how these stories start and end and talk about the characters and settings.

In phonics, we will be learning the sounds - h, b, f, l and also working on doubles - ll, ss, ff, where two letters are together but only make one sound e.g. doll, hiss, huff. Please complete the sheets - h, b, f, l which are available from previous weeks packs.

In math, we will be starting to explore the numerals 1, 2 and 3. We will work on number formation and representing these numbers in different ways e.g. dice, numicon, fingers, items etc.

Please find below further information about homework tasks that you may like to try this week and remember to send us in one picture of an activity that you complete to add to your profile.