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Message to Parents


Kingfisher Parents,


It’s happened again! Arrrggh! I hoped we wouldn’t have to return to home learning (I feel your frustrations) but unfortunately it has happened. The most important thing now is for all of us to keep as safe as we possibly can.


I have provided your children with a new home learning book that contains the common exception word spellings that they need to learn, along with all the login details they will need over the coming weeks. I have also included a whiteboard and pen for any jottings and practice that they will do.


I can ensure you that I will do my level best to make sure the learning is fun, engaging and accessible for you and your children, whilst also aiming to challenge them and further enhance their development and progression in Year 2.

To access your child’s learning go into the School Closure Learning area, which is where all the learning will be uploaded to.


The main elements of a typical learning day will include:

  • Spelling
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Maths
  • Topic Subjects
  • Exercise
  • Mindfulness


From Monday 11th January, I will be setting a Wonderful Weekly Work task each week, which will need to be completed, photographed and emailed to me by 3pm every Wednesday. The email address is the same as the one we have been using this year: and will be the main contact point if you need to speak to me about anything.


I will provide a daily timetable, which worked really well for me and my children. At what time your children complete these is entirely your decision. I would advise that after a hearty breakfast, they set straight to it and make sure they complete the core tasks in the morning (Reading, Writing, Maths), therefore enabling them to have a more relaxed afternoon. Personally, after trying out various timetables during the last lockdown, this was the most productive for me and my children.


There are also some really helpful resources in the Parent Resource section of the Kingfisher Class which can be found just below the School Closure Learning section.

Thank you for all your continued support and I hope we can all stay safe during these unprecedented times.


Take Care

Mr Smith