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Tuesday 11th January

ENGLISH: Grammar 

WALT: write long and short sentences to create mood and effect.


Today we are 'stepping up our sentence writing' with some new learning. Read the powerpoint below and then, complete the activity on the final slide.



WALT: to use factor pairs in problem solving.

You will need to have completed yesterday's maths work before you begin today's.


Then, watch the teaching video below and complete the activity questions.

Remember, the activity questions get more difficult as you go through them so, go as far as you can. 

PE: Dance - ICE & FIRE

In school today, we will be having the first of our dance lessons around the theme FIRE & ICE. So that you know what we are doing at school, read through the lesson below. If you want to try the lesson out at home, then have a try. This way, you will know what to do next week.


This can be done using the whole of the body and/or bod body from side to side whilst bending at the knees and tr
one foot to the other; or swing just the arm, then the arms and so on.
Swinging (one of the easiest ways to warm up the
Direction changes whilst walking/skipping/running
Level changes i.e. use the floor and tiptoes as well.


01 Papillon.mp3

Week 1: Flames Solos
Discuss the movement of Fire, eg. How do flames move? Which direction? What can move flames?
Choose any 3 words related to our topic of fire & ice and create movements to go with your words.
‘Spark’ – jump; freeze; gently fall to the floor
‘Flame’ - begin low and make whole body move wavily upwards
‘Water’ - fall to the floor, quick as possible and remain still.


 Try out some different ways of moving like a growing flame.
Begin low with a flicker in one part of the body, as the fire becomes stronger and

higher try to make the movements as big as possible
Think about the 3 levels in dance, low, middle and high.
Create some good fire movements to the music using low, middle and high movements.
Consolidate solo Fire dances in order to remember for next lesson. You also could ask someone to record you dancing your solo dance to 'PAPILLION' and email to me to see what you have choreographed

Cool Down LISTEN TO “A Tender Moment”
Be the tallest flame you can be: imagine it’s beginning to rain; the flame slowly fades
and gets smaller and smaller. Repeat 4 times.

Key Vocabulary:
solo, wavy, low, middle, high.

02 A Tender Moment.mp3


As you don't have your recorder at home with you, go online and listen to some musicians playing the recorder.

Then, listen and look at the piece of music we will be practicing in class. Even though you do not have your recorder, you can still follow the music. It will be good practice and help you to be ready to play with us, when you are back in school.


3. Abies Blues.mp3