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Friday 14th January


Mrs Norris' Thursday Group:

Go back and practice your words that you were given in the Autumn Term.

Mrs Lamond's Friday Group:

Practice your Year 4 Autumn Common Exception Word List and learn the first 8 of your Spring list.

Mrs Jackman's Friday Group:

  • Ask someone at home to test you on your spelling from this week.
  • Read through the power point below and complete the activity. These words will be your words for next Friday's test.




MATHEMATICS: Target  times tables

Last week, we didn't have a target table as we had our science launch day.

Chose a times table you are unsure of and focus on it. You can test yourself when you feel confident. The test sheets are below.



WALT: consider different types of pattern making and the art of Mondrian.


This afternoon, we are finding out about the art style of art by a famous artist named PIET MONDRIAN.

Watch the information video and then, find out what you need to do in the second video.

Have fun!