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Wednesday 12th January


  • 20 minutes reading and 20 minutes practicing times tables ( maybe on TT ROCKSTARS)



WALT: use our learning about FACTOR PAIRS to solve problems.

Go through the power point and then depending on how confident you are feeling about factor pairs, choose from the differentiated activities below.

Mark you work when you have finished.

SCIENCE: States of Matter

WALT: investigate gases and explain their properties.


First of all, you need to remember what we mean when we talk about the PROPERTIES of something. Watch the properties video below to help you.


Today, we are investigating fizzy drinks and gases.

Read through he power point below and use fizzy drinks to complete the investigation if you have any at home.


This afternoon, we are revising and practicing counting to 30 in French.

Listen to the video and song below.

Make number cards from 1 - 30 and ask someone to test you at home.