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Thursday 10th February


WALT: compare the area of shapes.

Watch the teaching video, and completes the activities.


Below is a poem which personifies a river.

Read the poem and go to the activity below it.


The river makes his way along

the mountain path he chooses

      Shamelessly eroding rocks,

  as on his way he cruises.

      Starting at a steady pace,

                he’s happy to go slow

And meanwhile smaller tributaries

     come to join the flow.

Then he descends the mountain

        as excitedly he speeds

     Splishing, splashing, tumbling,

             while onwards he proceeds.

            Then all at once the heady heights

                            encourage him to dive…

                            Enthusiasm leads the way,





















                                                                                   The top                                               

                                                                                The river reaches base with one 

                                                                                            almighty belly flop!

                                                                                            His bubbling intensity

                                                                                  Soon begins to show

                                                                                         So he begins to grow 

                                                                                         Swiftly riding on the rocks, 

                                                                                           He weaves his way along.     

                                                                                    Passing through the estuary

                                                                                     But keen to carry on. 

                                                                              Then finally, his destination

                                                                         Comes within his view; the sea

                                                            is beckoning from waters deep and oh so blue…  

                                                     So finally, what started as a river’s gentle motion

                                              Is all encapsulated in the wide  and  mighty  ocean.  





Use the words you wrote down yesterday to help you to write a poem which personifies a volcano. You can write it nin the shape of a volcano if you would like to.


We are learning to use a spreadsheet to understand place value. Work through the powerpoint and complete the tasks. You will find the resources in your 2do's in PurpleMash



If you are able to go outside and do something physical. Maybe make up your own exercise routine. Any type of exercise will be great, inside or outside. Remember though to make sure you are safe.