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Please focus today on reading the 'tricky words' I go and no. Look at each word and read it together. Talk about how many sounds you can hear in each word and identify the 'tricky bit', for example, 'I' does not make an 'i' sound as we would expect, and the 'o' in go and no makes an 'oa' sound. Explain that we need to just practise reading these words and train our brains to remember them! You could write them on post it notes around the house and read them every time they are walked past, use flash cards etc.  There are also some sentences containing these words for you to read together.


Please also practise segmenting sounds and writing them in a Phoneme Frame. Words: mess, fat, bun, boss, hop, cuff, dull, sell. Write one sound in each part of the Phoneme Frame (this includes the 2 letters that make a sound within a digraph).