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Wednesday 10th June 2020

It worked!

Hello there,

How are you all? Do you think you know a lot about weddings? What about placing numbers on a blank line? Some things are easier than others but together we can get through it. Today:

English- We are learning to plan a  pretend wedding. What can you remember from yesterday? Look about the powerpoint to remind yourself. Now you are ready to start planning. You need to think of who is getting married, where and when. Where is the reception? What things are you going to need. What food are you going to eat? Complete the planning sheet filling in all the relevant information.


Phonics: Today we are going to revise the or alternatives. Start by reading all the or alternatives on the powerpoint. Make a list of all the different ways you can make or. Sort the words using the sheet. Finish by practising writing the words. Do you choose the correct or grapheme?


Maths: Today we are going to correctly order two digit numbers to 100. Compare 2 numbers. which one is the smallest number and which one is the largest number? Can you think of a number in between? Can you think of a bigger number and now a smaller number? You have just ordered 5 numbers. Look at the 5 number strips on 'ordering numbers'. Cut out the strips and order them. Now link them together to create a paper chain. now repeat with 'ordering numbers 1. If you fancy a challenge print ordering numbers 1 and 2 and see if you order 10 numbers and make them into a chain.


Topic: Today we are learning to sort animals according to their similarities and differences. Look at the different animals on the sheet. Pick two. Can you think of something that is the same about them. Explain that they could go in the same group because of this. Now can you think of something that is different about them, now they could go in different sets. Look at the circles . Label them with two different characteristics, eg feathers 4 legs. Cut and sort the pictures. If they can not fit  in either set you must stick them around the outside.


Don't forget to try and do a bit of reading today and if you need to practise any of your spellings!

Have a great day.

Stay safe.

Mrs Lloyd