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Monday 15th June 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you had a great weekend. Did you see the beautiful rainbow on Saturday night? It was really bright and colourful. The rainbow is seen as a symbol of hope and at the moment many people have a rainbow in the window. Remember times may be different but we are not alone. We are doing this together and you have all been brilliant. Keep going.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Lloyd



Here's today's learning:

English: Today we are going to write a prayer for our wedding. The prayer is usually said by the vicar during the service. What might he be praying for? Think about the work you did on prayers a few weeks ago. Write a prayer, in your home learning books, that can be said in your pretend wedding service later in the week.

Spellings: Today we are going to move on from phonics and think about different spelling patterns. When we turn an object from one thing to lots we say we turn it into a plural. What happens to the word? Sometimes we add s and sometimes we had es. Work through the powerpoint and then the activity sheet found out when we need to each version.

Maths: Today we are going to learn the value of different British coins. For children learning at home you could get some coins out have a good look at them and perhaps try some coin rubbing. Work through the powerpoint and then order the coin pictures. Write the value of the coins. Use the coin reveal powerpoint at the end of the session.

Topic: Today we are going to learn which things dissolve in water and which things don't. Find out the definition of dissolve as a starter and then work through the activity. You will need hot water so ask an adult to help you with this part. Record what you find out.

Have a good day.