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Tuesday 8th February

Practice your target times table and your spellings for 20 minutes each.


Today is SAFER INTERNETDAY in school and across the UK. The activities below can be completed this morning or this afternoon. 

Read through the power point below and choose some activities to complete.


ENGLISH: The Iron Man

  • Read though CHAPTER 3 below.


Remember how, in class, we take a text and write all over it in red pen to find and pick out all the good writing features we see in the text.

Do this to CHAPTER 3.

Look out for:

  • fronted adverbials
  • speech punctuation
  • expanded noun phrases
  • good examples of word choices
  • paragraphing
  • conjunctions
  • short sentences for effect


Once you have done this, listen to Chapter 4 below.


WALT: calculate area by counting squares.


  • Following on from yesterday's learning about AREA:
  • watch the teaching video and complete the activity sheet.
  • REMEMBER: the questions are more challenging as you go through the activity.