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Thursday 2nd July 2020

Good morning Puffins,

Yesterday was quite a sad day because Mrs Kendrick came to say goodbye. She was not allowed in any of our bubbles so she just stood at the door and said goodbye and waved. Today some of us will get to meet our new teacher for next year, Mr Smith, and have we got some great questions to ask him. Does he like pizza? Which football team does he support? Will Kingfishers be fun? Does he do tricks? If you are not seeing Mr Smith today I would like you to think about your time in Year 1. Do some reflecting!

Have a good day and I will speak to you tomorrow.

Stay safe.

Mrs Lloyd


English: Today I would like you to reflect oon the time you have had in Year 1. What things have you learnt to do? What things have you enjoyed doing? What will you miss about Year 1? Complete the reflections sheet and keep  it safe. In years to come you can read it again and remember our time together.

Spelling: Today we are going to practise adding ing to a word. Work through the second -ing powerpoint and then complete activity sheet number three. Can you all spell your ing words correctly?

Maths: Today we are learning to order time according to its length. Recap on all the different units of time we thought about yesterday. Which was the longest? How do we know? Which was the shortest? How many days in a week? How many months in a year? How many hours in a day?  Then cut out the units of time and put them in the correct order- shortest to longest. Create a paper chain.

Topic: PSHE Today we are going to think about what we would like to achieve in the future. Start by thinking about the summer holidays. What would you like achieve in the summer holidays? In the Lloyd household it is to put up a new bigger shed in the garden! Next what would you like to achieve by the end of Kingfishers? What would you like to do when you finish school? Will these things just happen or do we have to try and make them happen? How? Have a look at the powerpoint together and then complete the activity together.

Finish the day with some quiet reading.

Have a great day everyone.