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Listen to the story 'Walking Through the Jungle' (click the link below).                                    You might want to watch the video clip a second time and join in with the repeated phrases.

Which animals did the boy meet? Can you remember them in order? What noises did he hear? Look carefully at the example story map for this story.



Create a story map of your own version of the story. You can draw your own main character, it could even be you! Then draw the animals you meet along the way as you walk through the jungle. These can be any jungle animals you like and in any order.


Label the animals and the character that you have drawn. Try to hear and write as many sounds in each word as you can. Perhaps you could add some descriptive detail, e.g. slippery snake, giant elephant, scary crocodile, furry gorilla? Now can you tell your version of the story using your story map?


*Parents please support and encourage your child to sound out words and write the sounds that they hear. We encourage the children to write in this way rather than copying words so that they are spelt correctly. For example, the children may write ‘sc’ for ‘snake’, ‘elft’ for ‘elephant’ or ‘lighun’ for ‘lion’, this is what we would want and expect to see rather than correctly spelt words that the children have been shown. Some children may only hear the initial sound in a word such as ’m’ for ‘monkey’ and may need to be shown what this letter looks like in order to write it. Please support and encourage your child to work in this way.*