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Hedgehog Group

This week we will be learning the new digraphs - ng, ai, ee. We have also learnt the first trigraph (three letters which make one sound) - igh. Please practise recognition of these sounds with quick recall. You can also practise the action and formation of these phonemes in a joined style. Please use the Jolly Phonics Cartoonito sheets below. There is not a sheet for the 'igh' sound, however the children have been told the story and shown the action in school. Also the 'ee' sound is accompanied by 'or', we will visit 'or' at a later date.


You could also have a go at playing 'Quickwrite Words'. An adult can say the word and see if you can robot talk and segment the word and then write it down. Sample words: ring, ping-pong, wait, hail, rain, meet, deep, feet, high, night, fight.


This weeks tricky words for reading are: was and my.