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Sharing home learning during school closure

Wonderful Weekly Home Learning Wk bg 29th June 2020

Baking and numbers !
Ice Cream Cones and numbers !
Fabulous Building !
Exploring Colours !
That looks yummy ! Good Job !
Fantastic exploring and finding out !
More amazing exploring !

Wonderful Weekly Home Learning Wk bg 22nd June 2020

This looks like fun!
Strawberry Picking Days
Exploring in the garden !
I wonder what is being made here ?
Popcorn !
It's bubble time .....
Lots of blowing to make those lovely big bubbles
Practicing Shapes with lollipop sticks !
Looking for letters in the rice !
Wow super mask !
Exploring nature

Wonderful Weekly Home Learning Wk bg 15th June 2020

Exploring Today !
Superhero !
Exploring in the garden.
This looks like a good camp !
Great Home Learning !
Exploring colours
Making potions
Magnet Power !
Space Shuttle Launch !
Looking after our Wildlife !
Great Home Learning !
Car Spotting Challenge Accepted !
Lovely walks, lovely exploring !
Busy on the Phone !

Wonderful Weekly Home Learning Wk bg 8th June 2020

Thinking how to make a boat !
Will it Float or Sink ?
How many can I count ?
This is my picture of the Hare I have spotted !
Here is the Hare in the distance
Finding out about different textures
Going to explore !
Look a snail !
and Feathers !
Growing broccoli in my garden
Busy in the garden !
Getting creative ...
Cool baking
I Love my Fairy Garden !
Exploring Textures
My marble run ! It works !

Wonderful Home Learning Wk bg 1st June 2020

Ready to wash my bike !
Look at my tasty cakes I have made !
You need sunshine and rain to make a rainbow !
Look it's grown taller than me !

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