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Thursday 11th June 2020

Keep it's done!

It's Thursday, Wow this week is going quickly!

Today you need to be creative, think more and less and be positive.

English: Today we are going to design a wedding cake. Have a look online at lots of different wedding cakes. (use the kiddle search engine) Which ones do you like and why? What sort of cake would you like to eat? Would it be fruit cake or sponge? What flavour and what fillings? Draw your cake and describe what it is like.

Phonics: Today we are going to revise the different ways to make the er phoneme. Play flashcard speed challenge twice. See if you can beat your first score. Now think about all the different ways you can remember to make the er phoneme. Look at the er table. Can you spell all the words using the correct er graphemes.

Maths: Today we are going to find one more or less of all numbers to 100. Look at your 100 square. Randomly pick numbers from it. Discuss how you can use it to find one more or less of all 2 digit numbers. Work through the lesson presentation powerpoint and then choose which dinosaur sheets you would like to complete. Do pages 1 and 2 or if you want a challenge do pages 9 and 10.

Topic: PSHE Today we are going to learn how a positive learning attitude can help us. Work through the powerpoint together stopping at key points to discuss or complete the activities.

Have a good day. 

Mrs Lloyd