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Prayer Spaces Day - Friendship

On Thursday 26th October we had a prayer space day. A classroom was transformed into a space where the lighting and space was very different to a normal classroom.  The space was designed to give children the opportunity to  think about and respond to God.  In the prayer space, there was prayer activities that will encourage a response from the children in a variety of different ways, through play, physicality, writing, drawing and thought.  The session and individual activities were explained at the start of the session and the children given permission to do the activities in any order they choose.  

The topic for our prayer space was on friendship; our worship theme for this half term and so they had the opportunity to think and pray for their friends and think about others who offer friendship to them. 


This is what some of the children said - 

'Being a good friend is helpful'

'Friends are always there if you need them'

'Mrs ---- is a friend and they help me with my learning'

'Friends are good in sad times'

'Always try to be a good friend'

'If you fall a friend will help you'

'Ask God to look after lonely people'