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Important information about Physical Education for Remote Learning


All our remote learning follows the school curriculum very closely with the children being provided with the same learning intentions as they would if they were in school. The application will be adjusted and adapted to suit home learning. However, with Physical Education it is more difficult to adapt the activities for home learning, for example if the school curriculum has a unit on Gymnastics the children will not have access to the appropriate equipment and environment for fulfil the learning. Therefore, our provision for Physical Education will be focused on providing physical activities for the children to develop their fitness and skills in a safe and accessible way.

When completing physical activities at home please use the following guidance (top tips) to ensure your child can access the provided activities in a safe and fun way.

Top tips for safe physical activity at home:

  • Always ensure the space the children are physically working in is safe for the planned physical activity. Look out for loose wires, tables that are sticking out or lumps and bumps in the carpet / flooring that might present as trip hazards.
  • Ensure the children have enough space to be physically active. Move furniture if you are able to – this will give children more room to move freely. Even better – go outside in an open space!
  • Make sure children are wearing appropriate clothes for physical activity, e.g. comfortable clothes which they can easily move their body in. If your child has long hair, ensure it is tied up and ALL jewellery is removed.
  • Ensure children warm their bodies up ready for physical activity. This should be short and fun with the intent to get the blood pumping round the body and the heart beating fast.
  • If your child expresses that they are in pain in anyway, you should aim to stop the physical activity straight away. Sometimes physical activity can be uncomfortable and tiring but never painful.


Physical activities that are provided by St Mary and St Chad First school as part of remote learning is intended solely as a way to share health, fitness and physical activity ideas and concepts with parents and children. St Mary and St Chad CE First School, as well as the contributors used, cannot be held responsible for implementing them. Successful implementation of many of these ideas typically requires users of this material to provide a safe movement area for children to move in and ensure the children are prepared appropriately to engage with physical activity. It is solely the responsibility of the users of these ideas to provide that safe moving environment and preparation.