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Hedgehog Group

This week the children will be learning the new sounds - x, y and z. They will then be introduced to the digraph (two letters which make one sound) - 'qu' and how to read and write it. Please reinforce quick recall of these phonemes at home, the formation and corresponding actions. Please use the Jolly Phonics Cartoonito sheets to support this. Please note that digraphs will be taught in a joined style to help the children recall these as one unit of sound. We will also be learning to read the tricky words - he and she.


You may also like to have at go at segmenting the following words for writing: quiz, quit, quick, liquid, quack, yap, buzz, zip, yes, yell. Remember to robot talk the words then write the sound you hear in order. It is best for the children to be as independent as possible with this activity.