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WB: 09.11.20

This week we will be starting a new topic all about magic! This is an exciting topic! We will share the story 'Room on a broom' and may even try some acting.

During the week we will be making our own magical potions. We will be exploring different items and looking at patterns and changes.

In maths we will be focusing on the composition of numbers 1, 2 and 3 and exploring how numbers can be made up of smaller numbers which are added together. We will be focusing on the language more/less/altogether/equals/makes. Below you will find some additional challenges linked to this topic and in addition some extra work that we will be doing on 2d shapes - 'Circles and Triangles' and 'Spatial Awareness'.

In literacy we will be making rhyming potions and working on continuing a rhyming string.

In phonics we are completing the final phonics assessments and we will also be doing some focus work on blending sounds e.g. p-e-n makes 'pen and segmenting, where we say the word 'pen' and the children try to break it up 'p-e-n' so that they hear the initial, medial and final sound.

Have fun!