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Wednesday 6th October


Yesterday, you read through a diary entry. The writer had written as if he was Ruskin Splinter.

Today, write your own diary entry. You can write as if you are Ruskin or as if you are Elvis. You decide!

Start your writing with:

Dear diary,


When you have finished writing, go back over your diary entry and edit your work. Think about how you can improve your writing as you edit it.



Continuing on from yesterday's work on Roman Numerals, today you will use your learning to solve problems.

Read through the power point and complete the two activity sheets.

Choose which level of work you want to complete:

D = less confident

E= more confident

GD= very confident.

The answers are here too so you can check you work when you have finished.


On Monday, you found out about life in Victorian times. Today, I have added a document which was recorded during Victorian times in Brewood.

It shows the names of some of the people who lived and worked in Brewood during 1837.

You will need a highlighter pen.

Read through the information and highlight anyone you find who is named and has a trade or a job at that time.

This will help you to understand the kinds of work that people did at that time.

Then, try and find out some information online about the following lady and her family who lived in Brewood at that time, Lydia Daw.

Also, try and find some Victorian photographs of Brewood during the Victorian era.

Remember it went from 1837 - 1901.






In Victorian times, silhouette art was popular and ladies like to where cameo broaches with silhouettes.



Can you draw a silhouette of somebody(sideview) or something in  your house and colour it black to create your own silhouette. You could make a beautiful picture frame to frame it in too.




The Music Hall was a very popular form of theatre entertainment from 1850 and included popular songs, comedy, and variety acts. Special halls were built to accommodate the growing audiences, providing patrons with a bar-style setting so that they could consume food and alcohol during performances. While conventional theatres had seats in rows and the alcohol was served in a separate bar, the music hall was a more relaxed setting and popular with the working classes.


Listen the Music Hall recordings from Victorian Music Halls. What do you think?.