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Spring 2021

During the Spring term we will be using the theme of Nursery Rhymes to introduce the children to different areas of learning. If you would like to follow this up at home here are a few ideas to try.



  • Talk about your own favourite nursery rhymes. Enjoy reciting rhymes with your child and have fun changing the words to make new ones.



  • Make puppets of your favourite nursery rhyme characters. Decorated wooden spoons are excellent for making people. Old socks and gloves can be easily adapted to make animals. Paper bags with crayoned on faces make simple effective puppets.
  • Make nursery rhyme picture books by cutting characters from wrapping paper or magazines and comics.



  • Look for books of traditional and modern nursery rhymes to read together. Also look for stories which have characters and names similar to those found in nursery rhymes.
  • Before bedtime each night, tell a story about your child's favourite nursery rhyme character. Where does their  character live? What does it like to do? Encourage your child to join in with story telling.



  • Mime nursery rhyme characters for your child to guess. Encourage your child to mime ones for you to guess.
  • Enjoy doing jigsawpuzzles together which depict nursery rhyme characters.


What are the opportunities for learning?

  • Experiencing handling different materials.
  • Asking questions and exploring.
  • Enjoying rhymes, stories, role play and talking.

Home Learning week ending 08/01/2021