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Tuesday 5th October


Today, we are learning Roman Numerals to 100.

In year 3, you learned the numerals to 12. Can you remember them?

Think about where in our daily lives we may still see Roman Numerals being used?

Watch the teaching video and complete the activity.



Today, we are continuing to develop our skills as editors.

Below is another, longer piece of Year 4 writing. It's another diary entry written by Ruskin Splinter.

When you have read it a couple of times, use the checklist below to tick off what you can spot in the text.

If you were the teacher, what targets or 'next steps' would you give to this writer?



Today in RE we have thought about Creation Story and considered what it tells Christians about God and nature. After a discussion the children wrote down their ideas in the grid below. Perhaps you could talk to someone about this and then write your thought on the grid. It will be trickier without hearing ideas from your class mates but just try your best.