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Wonderful Weekly Work

Wk bg 22-06-2020 Small World Play.

 Can you choose a Role play experience which you enjoy ? You can create your play using the following below : When you have had fun setting up your play, share this with an adult and then perhaps in the evening or some quiet time, they could re-tell the story to you of your play set up that you have made ?


  •  Your own toys from home
  •  Loose parts found in garden maybe twigs, logs, pebbles etc? 
  • If you have a Train Track or a Farm or hospital play set?

Wk bg 15-06-2020 Car Colour Spotting!.

 Can you make a chart, which you can show what colours you can see as cars pass by your window or you are out on a walk ?


  • Maybe you could use your colouring pens to show the colours ?
  • Can you count how many different colours you see ? 
  • Which colour has the biggest number and which colour has the smallest number ?

Wk bg 08-06-2020 Counting With a Ball.

  Can you do some counting with the following actions, you will need someone to join in with this one :

  • How many times can you Throw the ball ?
  • How many times can you Catch the ball ?
  • How many times can you Roll the ball ?
  • How many times can you Bounce a ball backwards and forwards ?

Wk bg 01-06-2020 Garden Play.

  Can you create a 'Potion or Perfume' using some of the following? 

  • Old bowls and spoons ?
  • Leaves and sticks ?
  • Mud and Daises ?
  • Can you practise using your scissors to snip 'ingredients'?
  • Remember do not drink or eat this and remember to wash your hands after your play and take care when you're using your scissors :)