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Wonderful Weekly Work

Wk bg 01-06-2020 Garden Play.

  Can you create a 'Potion or Perfume' using some of the following? 

  • Old bowls and spoons ?
  • Leaves and sticks ?
  • Mud and Daises ?
  • Can you practise using your scissors to snip 'ingredients'?
  • Remember do not drink or eat this and remember to wash your hands after your play and take care when you're using your scissors :)

Wk bg 18-05-2020 Balancing on a string.

Lay out some string or wool around your garden.

  • Can you tip toe along the string?
  • Can you hold out your arms to balance?
  • Can you carry something in your hand as you tip toe along the string or wool?
  • Can you balance a toy on your head as you walk along the string or wool?