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Wedgwood World is on the Wedgwood Estate at Barlaston in Staffordshire. When we arrived we were taken to the creative classroom and split into three groups. One group learned more about Josiah Wedgwood and his pottery in the museum, one group went on a factory tour and learned how pottery is made today and one group decorated pots. 
Museum Tour
We found out lots of fascinating facts on our tour. Did you know Wedgwood made some pottery that looked like cauliflowers? Josiah Wedgwood married his third cousin and they had 7 children.
The Factory 
Our factory guide told us a how the plates, pots and vases were made. We then went around the factory and saw the people and machines making the Wedgwood. Some people were painting in real gold. We held a vase that cost £22000.
Pot Decorating

We each a plain pot and could decorate it however we wanted. Some of us painted them in bright colours like Claris Cliffe. Some of us chose to paint in the style of Emma Bridgewater using spots and hearts. Some of us tried to recreate the work of Josiah Wedgwood. Some of us had our own unique style!

Take a look below.

At the entrance to Wedgwood world there is a portrait of Josiah Wedgwood made out of 1200 plates. It was amazing!
What a great day out!