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Tuesday 16th November


This is a COLD WRITE today.

A COLD WRITE means that I just want you to write what you can, without help from an adult. 


Write about the Digestive System and explain to me how what all the parts are called and what their jobs are. You can use your science learning to help you.



Today is the first day in our learning about PERIMETER (MEASURE).


  • Watch the teaching video below.
  • Then, complete the worksheet.  * Parents, the worksheets I am posting this week are progressively more challenging so, don't worry if your child cannot get through all of the sheets.


This afternoon, you will begin your Science Enquiry.

You will need:

  • 4 hard boiled eggs for your enquiry (ask an adult to do this for you).
  • 4 glasses the same size
  • x4 different liquids that we would put into our mouths.
  • a measuring jug
  • a camera (phone or ipad)


Think about the question you came up with yesterday for your enquiry.


If you don't have a question, use this one:

Which liquids will decay your teeth the fastest?


Eggshell is very similar to the enamel we have on our teeth so, that so why we will be using eggs shells and not real teeth.



  • hard boil x 4 eggs (the same size eg medium)
  • add the same amount of liquid into each glass
  • carefully, add the egg.
  • complete the METHOD part of yesterday's worksheet.
  • decide when you will check your eggs over time. 
  • Observe what you see at these times and record your observations maybe by photo or drawing.



We will be having a recorder lesson this afternoon in class so, listen to 5 different styles of music at home and complete the activity sheet below: