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Badgers - Phonics Group

This week we will continue our work in Phase 3. The children will learn the new phonemes - y and z. Please complete the 'Jolly Phonics Cartoonito Sheets' found below to support formation, recall and the actions for this weeks focus sounds.

We are also learning to sing the alphabet song - ABC. As we sing the song we point to each sound in turn so that the children begin to understand that each letter has a sound, but also a name.

We have also included some 'Buried Treasure Coins', these are from a game we play in school. The children have to blend each word and help the pirates decide if it is a real or nonsense word. If it is a real word, it goes in a treasure box, but if it is nonsense it goes in the bin.

This weeks focus tricky words for reading are - he and she.

Below you will find some activities to support and reinforce this weeks learning at home. Thank you laugh