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Hedgehogs - Phonics

This week we will be revisiting the Phase 2 sounds - s, a, t and p. We will work on quick recall and we will focus on correct formation of each sound, ensuring that the children are starting in the correct place. You could have a go at writing the sounds in the air, on each others back, in chalk outside, with gel pens.... be as creative as you like!

Our main focus with this group will be on blending for reading and segmenting for writing.

As an extra challenge, you could write the sounds - s, a, t, p on post -it notes and see how many items around the house begin with these sounds.

Please also refer back to the Jolly Phonics Cartoonito sheets that you previously completed for additional reinforcement.

This week we have also been learning about rhyme. Below you will find at 'Odd One Out' activity. The children need to look at each row of pictures and see if they can spot which one is the odd one out. You could also have a go at hearing and writing the initial sounds for the items on the pictures.

You could also print the 'What's Missing' pictures, then lay out the set, before removing just one. Can you guess which picture is missing? Can you tell me what sound that begins with?