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This week the children will be learning the new trigraphs (three letter which make one sound) - ear, air and ure. Please note that there are no Jolly Phonics Cartoonito sheet for these phonemes, so instead we have added below an air, ear and ure sorting game for you to print and play at home. The game also includes the phoneme 'er' which we covered last week. As an extension task the children may like to have a go at writing some of the simpler words to match the pictures.


The actions for each sound is described below:

  • ear - point to your ear
  • air - open both hands out in front of you, with fingers cupped and spread and lift through the air
  • ure - pointy finger out in front as if pointing to another person


Please work on formation of these trigraphs in a joined style, this will be modelled to the children in school.