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General Information

Hello and welcome to Doves Class!


We hope you are looking forward to returning to school in September. We are very much looking forward to seeing you. We are sure you will have lots of questions so below we have tried to predict what those questions may be and try to answer them. 


What time do I come to school and where do I go to? 

Your arrival time will be from 8:45 - 9:10. Your parents will have received an email informing them specifically what your arrival time is. Please try to arrive on time and don’t be late. Children will be arriving from 8:45 to 9:10 so you may be one of the first or a later one to arrive, but that is fine. There will be an activity for you to do in class. You will need to follow the one way route shown in the video and come to through the Doves door. The first thing you will need to do is sanitise your hands and you will then go straight to the classroom. I will be on the door to show you where to go. 


What do I need to bring? 


On the first day you will need to bring a

- water bottle

- coat


You will not need to bring a pencil case, equipment will be provided by school for Early Years children.


Lunch will be provided by school either a hot meal or sandwiches. Please do not bring a packed lunch, we do not have the space to store them. 


At the moment you do not need to bring in a fruit/vegetable morning snack.


What about PE? 

We will have access to a range of outdoor activities daily in our designated outdoor area. You do not need to wear a PE kit. We do ask that long hair is tied back and no jewellery is worn.


What will happen at playtime and lunchtime? 

Our playtime will be 10:20am and we will have a specific area of the playground to play. I will clearly explain this to you on the first day. You will not be able to mix with other children from other classes but you will be able to play with your classmates. Our lunchtime will be from 12noon until 1:00pm. You will have your lunch first and then have some time playing outside. The area that you have to play in will be the same as you have at playtime. 


Who will be my teachers and what will the classroom be like? 

Your teachers and teaching assistants will be Mrs Hume, Mrs Kendrick, Mrs Ball, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Williamson and Mrs Woodward. You can see pictures of us on the link page.


The classroom will be full of lots of different activities each day. You will see some markings in each area to help you to understand how many children can play in each area at any one time. You will also be asked to wash or sanitise your hands more regularly between activities. We will be able to do lots of outdoor learning too. When we sit on the carpet, you will have a specific seat or 'spot' as we call them, so you will know where to sit.


We hope to upload some pictures of the classroom the day before you start school. We will be in school for a few days getting it ready for you.


Don't forget to keep sending in your 'special box' pictures to our class email - For the previous information about this, please see the 'New Reception Class Sept 2020' page of this website.


We hope this answers some of your questions. You may feel a little nervous and that is completely understandable but we will do our best to help you to feel comfortable and happy.


Mrs Hume and Mrs Kendrick