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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

Buenos dias!

I love the fact that the sunshine is back but, please remember your sun cream and your sun hats. The temperatures are getting hotter so we must take care of ourselves. I hope those of you that did the science experiment got some good results. The giraffes that were made in school looked fab! Anyway let's find out what we are up to today.

English: Today we are going to learn to sequence events in a fantasy story. Watch(if you have it) or listen to the story by Julia Donaldson called 'Room on the Broom.'Discuss the parts that make it a fantasy story. Is it characters, setting and or actions? Now sequence the pictures.You will need to look closely at some of them.

Spelling: Today we are going to continue with our suffixes -er and -est. Look the work on phonics play connected to the suffixes. Then complete the activity sheet.

Maths: Today we are going to read, write and correctly sequence days of the week. Start with our little saying... today is... tomorrow is ... yesterday was...  What day will it be in three days...? Practise chanting the days of the week in the correct order. Look at how they are spelt. There is a powerpoint and activity to complete after.

Topic: Today it is computing. We are continuing to look at technology in our environment. Follow lesson instructions and complete the activity or devise your own follow up work.

Finish the day with some quiet reading.

Have a great day.

Mrs Lloyd