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Badger Group

This week we have been learning the new digraphs - ar, or, ur. Please practise quick recall of these digraphs, the actions and work on correct formation in a joined style. Please use the sheets below for support. Please note that there is no sheet for 'ur' ('er' comes later with an accompanying sheet, but the action is the same), however the action that we teach is two arms in front, bent one over the other, which rotate to form a mixer motion.

We have also been working on spelling the tricky words - no, go.

We have also been learning to clap the syllables in words. This allows us to take one syllable at a time and robot talk it to support us in hearing and spelling longer and more complex words. You could have a go at spelling some two syllable words at home - chicken, tonight, zigzag, boatman, jacket, farmyard, velvet.

Below you will also find some sentences for reading. Good luck! smiley