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Aim High Believe, Fly High Achieve

Friday 5th February


Choose which sheet you will need below. Remember. you are aiming for under 3 minutes.

When you have marked your times challenge, set your self a target for next week.



Mrs Norris' Thursday Group:

Practice your word list from Mrs Norris. ASK SOMEONE TO TEST YOU.

Mrs Lamond's Friday Group:

Practice your words from Mrs Lamond. ASK SOMEONE TO TEST YOU.

Mrs Jackman's Friday Group:

  • Ask someone at home to test you on your spelling from this week.
  • Read through the power point below and complete the activity. These words will be your words for next Friday's test.


In RE we are continuing to learn about what it is like to worship in a Synagogue. This week the class will be split up to study different objects that would be found in the Synagogue. Work through the powerpoint and complete your work on Purplemash. Try summiting it when you have completed it so that I can see it. 


Have a look at the video below all about another ABSTRACT ARTIST named KANDINSKY.

Play some music after and see if the music helps you to create an abstract art piece.