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Monday 29th June 2020

Just look at that fringe!

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Good Morning Puffins,

I know we have a few weeks before the end of term but this is our last week of formal learning in school and at home. We are going to be planning a virtual sports day and summertime and healthy lifestyles activities for the final two weeks but I felt it was important to send you all a little message, wherever you are to say well done and thank you.

Now back to today's HARD work!

English: Today we are learning to invent our own fantasy character. Think of all the fantasy characters you can think of. Did you read about them in a book or watch them in a film or a TV programme? What made them a fantasy character? Find some pictures of some fantasy characters. Do they look recognisable or have they been made up? (Alice from Alice in Wonderland compared to the 'Things' from 'Where the Wild Things are'). What do they look like? What do they do? What things would they eat? Where do they live? Invent your own fantasy character. It can be as strange/normal as you want. Complete the fact file telling me all about them.

Spelling: Today we are going to learn about the suffix -ed. Complete the sentences, Today I am......... Yesterday I........ What do you  notice? Look at the powerpoint together and then complete the activity sheet. Keep reminding the children that although some words may sound as though it's -id or -t it is really -ed.

Maths: Today we are going to learn to tell the time to half past. This is where the minute hand has travelled half way around the clock. Beware, the hour hand does not point at a number now, it points in between two numbers. This is what the children find quite difficult to grasp. Again there is a powerpoint to support the learning and then an activity sheet- Can they tell the time to half past, can they draw the time showing half past?


Topic: Those of you learning at home you have got another science experiment to try. Can you make a lava lamp using different liquids. Follow the instructions and record what you find out. For those of us in school today we are going to create an animal habitat head band,with 3d animals and flying birds! 

Finish the day with some quiet reading.

Have a good week.

Mrs Lloyd